Previous development of Wayne County’s energy-related natural resources (coal, water, wind…etc.) have at times presented great opportunities while also providing challenges. The development of another Wayne County natural resource, natural gas, has generated a lot of interest recently. Information and links on this web site are presented to help the public develop a knowledge and understanding of how this natural resource has come to be important in Pennsylvania, especially Wayne County. The natural gas industry will have a number of impacts on Wayne County and issues will include economic, workforce preparedness, environmental and governmental infrastructure. It is important for all those who work and live in Wayne County to become more familiar with this new industry as it evolves. The following describes why the task force was formed and is accompanied by a mission statement and goals.

Wayne County, Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Task Force Organizational Process

Because oil and gas development appears imminent,
the Wayne County Oil and Gas Task Force developed as a natural evolution
form existing county groups that always work together
in the best interest of the county’s citizenry


Wayne County, Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Task Force Mission Statement

To identify key issues, research facts, information,
and review and provide public education
regarding the economic, environmental and community impacts
of oil and gas exploration of the Marcellus Shale in Wayne County


Wayne County, Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Task Force Goals

To protect the environment, capture economic opportunities,
and educate the people and community
related to Marcellus Shale development in Wayne County
(Sub-Committee Goals) 

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