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The Wayne County, Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Task Force is an organization that brings together representatives from many different backgrounds to collect and distribute information.  The Task Force is an organization that is comprised of, and driven by, individual sub-committees.  The sub-committees that comprise the Task Force are: Workforce, Public Safety, Planning, Outreach, Government, Environment and Economic Development.  Below is a listing of the Wayne County, Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Task Force members, together with the sub-committees they serve on.  Communication with the Task Force members is welcome at any time by phone, fax or e-mail as listed below.  To view the entire listing of sub-committee members, click here

Lyndsay Birmelin
Sub-Committee: Workforce (Chairman)
Organization: Workforce Wayne
Phone: 570-253-5334; Fax: 570-253-0818
Email: lbirmelin@workforcewayne.org

Dr. Joann Hudak
Sub-Committee: Workforce
Organization: Wayne/Pike Educational Partnership
Phone: 570-251-3000; Fax: 570-226-6083
Email: hudak@wallenpaupack.org

Steve Price
Sub-Committee: Public Safety (Chairman)
Organization: Wayne County Emergency Management Agency
Phone: 570-253-1622 or 390-9216; Fax: 570-253-2943
Email: sprice@co.wayne.pa.us

Sgt. Paul Cavallaro
Sub-Committee: Public Safety
Organization: Pennsylvania State Police

Phone: 570-253-7126; Fax: 570-234-4676
Email: pcavallaro@pa.gov

Edward Coar
Sub-Committee: Planning (Chairman)
Organization: Wayne County Department of Planning

Phone: 570-253-5970, Ext. 4060; Fax: 570-253-5432
Email: ecoar@co.wayne.pa.us

Dave Messersmith
Sub-Committee: Outreach (Chairman)
Organization: Penn State Cooperative Extension
Phone: 570-253-5970, Ext. 4110
Email: dtm101@psu.edu

Michele Stahl
Sub-Committee: Outreach
Organization: Northern Wayne Property Owners Alliance
Phone: 570-253-1700; Fax: 570-253-1229
Email: michele.e.stahl@ampf.com

Laura Travis
Sub-Committee: Government (Chairman)
Organization: Township Supervisors
Phone: 570-798-2949 or 570-798-0158; Fax: 570-798-0163
Email: laura_travis2000@yahoo.com

Brian Smith
Sub-Committee: Government
Organization: Wayne County Commissioner
Phone: 570-253-7947; Fax: 570-253-5432
Email: bsmith@co.wayne.pa.us

James Labar
Sub-Committee: Government
Organization: WEDCO President
Phone: 570-488-5510; Fax: 570-488-5510
Email: labar@socantel.net

Jeffrey Dexter
Sub-Committee: Government
Organization: Damascus Township Supervisor
Phone: 570-224-4410; Fax-570-2244940
Email: pjdexter@localnet.com

Robert Muller
Sub-Committee: Environment (Chairman)
Organization: Wayne Conservation District
Phone: 570-253-0930; Fax: 570-253-9741
Email: rmuller@co.wayne.pa.us

Donna Labar
Sub-Committee: Economic Development (Co-Chairman)
Organization: Wayne County Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 570-253-1960; Fax: 253-1517
Email: exec@waynecountycc.com

 Mary Beth Wood
Sub-Committee: Economic Development (Co-Chairman)
Organization: Wayne Economic Development Corporation (WEDCO)
Phone: 570-253-5334; Fax: 570-253-0818
Email: mbw@wedcorp.org

Robert Suhosky
Sub-Committee: Economic Development
Organization: WEDCO Consultant
Phone: 570-253-2245 or 570-470-3660; Fax: 570-251-9551
Email: bsuhosky@yahoo.com

Dean Jamieson
Sub-Committee: Economic Development & Public Safety
Organization: Hess Corporation
Phone: 570-253-7801
Email: djamieson@hess.com



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